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Just as geography plays a role in understanding many citizenship issues, it also has links with history, foreign languages, religions, politics, trade, and even art and drama.

Do you know how space travel has been influenced by the width of Roman roads, or why motorised transport in Hindu areas has to give way to wandering cows?

Exploring questions such as these allows us to teach 'value added' geography, which can increase enjoyment of other curriculum topics, develop improved research skills and help to demonstrate how wide ranging geography really is.

Stimulating curiosity and having fun are key factors for successful learning, so why not take an occasional 'off the wall' approach to your geography lessons and investigate the hidden influences of geography on things, and things on geography!

For some lesson ideas, try our off the wall lessons page


Pick the topic you want from the index. If you know of another topic you'd like covered, drop us an e-mail and we will do our best to help.



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