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Travel and Tourism

These links have been carefully selected and were considered relevant and suitable for school use at the time of checking. Clicking on them will take you to other web sites over which we have no control. If you have any doubts or concerns please check what is at the other end before using them in lessons. If you find any broken, re-directed or dead links please let us know.

  • * Airports : The World's Busiest
    The busiest airports in the world, ranked according to Passengers, Cargo and Aircraft Movements. Look at the top right of the page and select the link to traffic and airports.

    * Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA)
    ABTA is the main UK Trade Organisation for Travel Agents and Tour Operators. From this site you can find out about their members, locate companies dealing with specialist holidays, contact individual companies or browse through their selection of links.

    * Air UK
    A British airline and part of KLM. Here you can check flight information, mail the company, find out about bookings or use their search page.

    * Foreign Office travel advice
    British government advice about where is is safe to travel. The latest advice to British Citizens is published here, along with advice about health issues abroad. There are good text search facilities and information on current British Foreign Policy.

    * Highway Signs
    An unusual site where you can find out what road signs look like in different countries. There is an emphasis on North America but the whole world is represented. Plenty of pictures.

    * Interstate Highways in the USA
    Another unusual site, this time all about the main roads connecting the states of the USA. IF you've ever wanted to know how many miles it is between any two junctions on Interstate 4, then this is the perfect site for you!

    * License Plates of the World
    An unusual site where you can find out what vehicle licence plates look like in different countries. The whole world is represented, with plenty of pictures. Some licence plates are quite interesting with images of maps, flags and animals on them.

    * Lincoln Highway
    The Lincoln Highway was the first transcontinental road built in the USA. This site is quite informative and provides an overview of the road, along with some clear maps.

    * Lonely Planet Online
    Information about a huge range of locations, that are changed on a regular basis. The site is professionally presented and offers a wealth of information about travel. The contents change from time to time so visiting here is pot luck as far as topics are concerned.

    * Railroad, Subway, and Tram Maps
    This site claims to be the most comprehensive collection of Railroad, Subway and Tram Maps in the world. There are currently almost 300 maps, the majority of which are of tram systems. The maps really do cover the entire world and seem to be a very useful resource for rail enthusiasts and travelers.

    * Rough Guides
    Handy guides to places around the world. These guides cover a variety of topics from interesting destinations to health, safety and travel tips.

    * Subway Navigator
    The subway navigator allows you to find routes in subway systems in various cities around the world. First, you must choose your city from the comprehensive list, then you get all the information you need to navigate around the underground / metro / subway....

    * The Virtual Tourist
    This is a very different type of site. The internet is a global communications network, but every item on it has to be stored somewhere. This site allows you to discover what is stored, and where it is stored. If you want to know what is stored in the Bahamas, this is where you might just find out.

    * Traffic Signs
    A site all about traffic signs. People in every country tend to assume their set of traffic signs is the only one, so it's interesting to see what other countries use. An unusual but rather fun site that is worth a visit.

    * World Travel Guide
    The World Tourism Organisation provides this site as part of its forum for tourism policy issues and practical information for tourism. This site is, perhaps, not suited to younger children or for casual viewing. If you want detailed information then this may be a good place to visit as part of your research.

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