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  • * BGS Seismology Unit
    UK and Global Earthquakes. The British Geological Survey monitors earthquakes around the world, and on their site you can see the latest reports, including the small shocks felt around the UK.

    * Cornwall Online
    Assorted links concerning the county of Cornwall,UK. Cornwall is the most south westerly county of England, and this site provides links to all aspects of life there, including tourism, the arts, weather and next year's total eclipse of the sun.

    * Devon (UK)
    Facts and Figures for the county of Devon, provided by the local government. This is a source of facts concerning finances, statistics and general government data.

    * Earthquakes in the UK
    Generally you don't think of the UK as a place that experiences earthquakes. It's well away from any plate margins and should be quite free of quakes. In fact, like many places, it experiences quite a few minor tremors, most of which are never noticed by the population. Here you can see the data for the detected seismicity over the last 30 days. The data is presented as a map with a proportional circles key.

    * Food Stories
    A KS3 and KS4 interactive web site from the British Library, exploring the revolutionary changes that have taken place in the consumption and production of food over the last century'. It uses oral history recordings from the British Library Sound Archive to explore a range of subjects including: identity and ritual; food and community; cultural identity; the experience of the consumer (both past and present), the changing face of the food industry in relation to subjects such as farming, technology, food miles, globalisation etc.

    * Nessie on the Net
    Just about everything you could ever want to know about the Loch Ness Monster. There are stories, videos, streaming video and sound, reports of the latest research and sightings, even links to the Nessie mailing list and the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club.

    * Wales Tourist Board
    Wales is a Principality in the west of the UK and, in parts, retains its own culture and traditions. This 'cultural identity' is marketed by the Tourist board and can be discovered from their site. The site relies rather heavily of frames, frames and more frames, but the content is useful.

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