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Population and Demographics

The sites recommended here have all been visited and checked. They were relevant and suitable when checked. Due to the ever changing nature of the internet we cannot guarantee that the information displayed on these sites will not change. If you find a dead or inappropriate link please do tell us about it.


  • * American Immigration
    The who, why, when and where of people migrating to the USA. The American Immigration Home Page was started as a part of a school project for a 10th grade American History Class. The project was meant to give information as to how immigrants were treated, and why they decided to go to America.

    * CENSUS - U.S. POP Clock Projection
    Resident population of the USA *NOW* and the demographic assumptions made to obtain the figure, such as birth and death rates.

    * US Census Bureau
    From this page you can access population data and pyramids for all the countries of the world. The output is in printer friendly format. Includes birth and death, projected 2025 values and gender variations.

    * Demographic Transition (1)
    An online tutorial and explanation of the demographic transition model, produced by a UK school. Contains clear introductions to the different stages, and concluded with a comparison between the demographic transition model and population pyramids.

    * Demographic Transition Model (2)
    This is more complex look at the model, but has the advantage of large, brightly coloured illustrations, and a number of practical examples showing the model applied to real life events such as measles mortality rates in the usa, scurvy in the UK and mortality in Mexico.

    * Facts Through Figures
    European Union demographic info in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format. The data covers a vast range of information about member states of the European Union (the EU ).

    * IDB Summary Demographic Data
    World data from the U.S. Census Bureau including the current and projected population, life expectancy and mortality for countries around the world.

    * International Conference on Population and Development
    Also known as I.C.P.D

    * People and Planet Net
    A bright and informative site covering a range of population related issues from birth control and reproductive health through to biodiversity and eco-tourism. There is also a very useful picture gallery and the latest online news about population issues.

    * Population Index
    Advanced level reports



  • * Population News
    Current population issues in the news. It's updated every fortnight. Useful site for up to date information.

    * Population Pyramid of U.S.A. which shows the ageing, and projected ageing, of the population for the period between 1950 and 2050
    Animated graphic for 1950 to 2050

    * Population Pyramids
    Age/Sex pyramids for almost all countries

    * Population Reference Bureau
    Full of readily absorbed facts, regional information, and topics such as mortality, aging, health, predicted populations, and the effects of natural disasters.

    * Urban Area Population and Density Trends: 1950-1990: U.S.A.

    * U.S.A. Life Expectancy Statistics
    Details of how long people can expect to live in the USA

    * U.S.A. Population Density Maps - 1960-1990

    * U.S.A. Population Sex Ratios
    This is an animated map of the United States of America that shows the ratio of men to women in 48 of the USA states during the period 1790 to 1990.

    * U.S.A. Racial and Ethnic Divides
    A interesting article from the American newspaper,The Washington Post, about immigration to the U.S.A. from Asian and Latin American countries.

    * The World Village
    This page imagines that the entire world population was a village of 100 people. What would the village population look like?

    * World Population from 1950 to 2050
    The USA government census presents population data and estimates for the world population. The data includes their calculated and predicted annual growth rates and annual increases in population size.

    * World Population Clock
    Current estimate from the U.S. Census Bureau

    * World Population Density
    Map showing population density

    * World Population Estimate
    Totals and changes since 1900

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