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Music to Enhance Lessons

These links provide sources of music or sound recordings that can accompany lessons, either as part of a lesson or yo 'set the mood' whilst pupils work. They include rainforest noises to use with environmental lessons, Indian music for citizenship and comparitive religion lessons, buddhist chants, and popular mucis in the languages of different countries mentioned in the curriculum.

  • * Buddhist Chants
    A rendering, Indian style, of classic Buddhist chants offering reverence to the Buddha, his teaching, and the community of practitioners who follow it..

    * Buddhist monks chanting in pali (Sankalpa).
    The chanting as in the title, plus links to other You-Tube video clips of chanting.

    * Download Mp3 Music by top Indian artists
    Listen & Download Music at Good quality mp3 music in genres like Indian classical, instrumental, Sufi, new age, meditation, devotional, by top artists from India.

    * Tibetan Incantations
    The Meditative Sound of Buddhist Chants including sample tracks; Om Mani Padme Hum, Mantra Of Avalokiteshvara and Om Mani Padme Hum (Alternate Version). Relaxing and useful with lively classes!

    * Voices of the Rain Forest
    A CD collection of sound recordings covering daily life in the rain forests, including making sago, felling trees, and background jungle noise..

    * Tropical Rain Forest
    Another CD collection of sound recordings covering daily life in the rain forests and background jungle sounds.

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