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Maps and Cartography

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  • * Cartographic Terms
    A Glossary of commonly used terms

    * Celestial Navigation
    Navigating by the stars

    * Colour Use Guidelines
    How to use colour on maps without ending up with a patchwork quilt or a terrible mess.

    * Compass Rose
    Do you know all 32 points of the compass and their histories ?

    * Definitions of the Word 'Map,' from 1649 to 1996
    Over 300 different definitions of 'map' that have been used in the last 350 years. It's interesting to see how the concept of a map has changed over time.

    * Finding Your Way
    Using a Map and Compass

    * GeoSystems: Map Projections
    Explanation of projections and their distortions

    * GeoSystems: Latitude and Longitude
    What are they, and how do they work?

    * GeoSystems: Map Scales
    All about scales and using them

    * How to read the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Grid
    An introduction to UTM

    * How to use a compass
    A simple introduction to using a compass to find your way

    * How far is it?
    Find distances between places world wide.

    * Latitude and Longitude
    Find a city and it's Latitude / Longitude

    * Latitude and Longitude
    A GeoSystems site

    * Make Your Own Globe
    Well, learn how to make a globe...

    * Making Maps Easy to Read
    Research from the highly regarded Shell Centre, UK

    * Mapmaker - Make me a map
    Info on how maps are made.

    * Map Projection Basics Page
    Introduction to showing a round planet on flat paper

    * Map Projection Home Page
    Plenty of information about Map Projections

    * Map Projections Overview
    Plenty of examples of different projections

    * Map Scales
    Rather biased towards American USGS maps

    * Map Scales
    A site from GeoSystems

    * Map Skills
    The skills you need to use maps effectively

    * Mathematics of Cartography
    A well presented and quite comprehensive look at cartography (map making), covering projections, scales etc.

    * Peters Projection
    The projection to use to show areas without distortion

    * Peters Projection Controversy
    More about the Peters Projection

    * View Map Projections
    Examples of projections

    * View More Map Projections
    More examples of projections

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