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Gazetteer and Locating Places

These links have been carefully selected and were considered relevant and suitable for school use at the time of checking. Clicking on them will take you to other web sites over which we have no control. If you have any doubts or concerns please check what is at the other end before using them in lessons. If you find any broken, re-directed or dead links please let us know.

  • * Antarctica
    Yes, there are loads of named places in Antarctica! Many of them are named after people and places in other countries.

    * Australian Geographic Place Names
    Gazetteer for all of Australia.

    * Belgium
    An alphabetical list of towns, villages and hamlets in Belgium. (Compiled in 1997)

    * Estonia
    The official government list of the place names of populated places in Estonia. Searches can be made alphabetically, or the whole file can be viewed / downloaded (83K)

    * Geographic Names Information System
    This site is run by the USA Government and only works for places in the United States of America. By entering the name of a feature and / or it's location, the server will provide further information about it, such as detailed location, elevation, population and the name of the relevant USGS Map.

    * Geographic Nameserver
    Give it a name and get a list of matching places around the world. If you want to know how many places have the same name as your home town, this is the ideal tool for the job.

    * GIS database of the Baltic Sea region
    The Baltic Sea Region GIS, map and statistical database provides a wealth of information about the Baltic Region via an easy to use interface. A very useful site if you need data relating to this part of the world.

    * GNS Database Query
    By completing their quite large search form you can find latitude and longitude details of locations outside the USA. This service is provided by the National Imagery and Mapping Agency. Once you arrive at their site, use the Access GEOnet button to move to the search form.

    * Great Circle Distance Calculator
    Finds distances between places using either co-ordinates or airport codes. Great circle routes are the shortest distances between places on the Earth's surface, and are often used by aircraft.

    * Great Circle Route Drawing Program
    Find the shortest distance between places, and get a map showing the route you planned.

    * Himalayan Gazetteer
    An on-line gazetteer of 5000 plant collecting localities in East Nepal, Sikkim, Darjeeling District, Bhutan and the Chumbi Valley. The site is provided by the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, U. K.

    * How Far is It?
    Find the straight line distance between any two places. You enter the locations at either end of your journey and the server calculated the shortest distance between them.

    * Latin Place Names
    Latin place names and their modern versions. Useful for historians or geographers who want to know more about the history of a place.

    * Latitude and Longitude Look Up
    Locations of major cities round the world and their latitude and longitude details. Use either the USA, Canada or Other Countries options according to the places you wish to investigate.

    * Lycos RoadMaps
    Lycos Road Maps is a service that will create a custom map of a location you specify ( within the USA ). They claim that you can even locate people by their E-mail address. You just enter the facts in the simple form, and your map will appear.

    * MapQuest : Driving Directions
    This is, sadly, a USA only type of site. If you are in the USA however, you will find this place very useful. Give it two addresses in a USA metropolitan area and it will produce a door to door driving route between the two locations. I don't think it takes road works or temporary road closures into account, but it is a very impressive bit of programming none the less.

    * Montana USA
    Major Cities Locations

    * Ordnance Survey
    Comprehensive listing of Scottish place names compiled by the UK Government map agency.

    * Ordnance Survey Gazetteer
    Give it a name and get the Grid Reference. Compiled by the UK Government map agency. Only the UK

    * Soup n' Sandwich
    Soup and Sandwich Related Place Names in the USA. Ever wondered if there was a place called Fishpaste Filling - this is where you find out!

    * The Thesaurus of Geographic Names
    Hundreds of thousands of place names for you to search and discover

    * Try an Address
    Get the Latitude and Longitude for an address in the USA. The longitude and latitude values are quite precise, and additional information is also available.

    * United States and Territories
    Locations, elevations and populations of the States of the USA.

    * US Board on Geographic Names
    The site provides information about the USA government bodies which approve the 'official' names for places around the world. By 'official' they mean, of course, the names to be used in the USA when referring to places.

    * Vicinity MapBlast!
    Enter a USA address and get a local map!

    * Wessex place names
    Place names from Thomas Hardy's books, based in the UK county of Wessex

    * White Dragon - Gazetteer
    British sites of ancient religious significance; their locations and a little history too.

    * World Tile Gazetteer
    Places associated with tiles Yes, those square things you stick on floors and walls!

    * Worldwide Directory of Place Names
    Large, non-alphabetical gazetteer.

    * ZipFind : USA
    Yet another USA only web site, this time calculating the straight line distance between any two zip code locations. I wonder about its usefulness in everyday life, but I'm sure it's of use to somebody...somewhere.

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