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Geographical Facts and Figures

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  • * 50 States
    This site acts as a starting point for research into any of the 50 states which form the USA. From the main page you can choose a state and be presented with a page of comprehensive information and further links. The information includes maps, geographical basics, the state flag, flower, motto, tree and bird, together with education and tourism information.

    * All about the Earth
    Assorted facts and figures about the Earth's origins, it's geology and atmosphere. There are also numerous links to pages where more data and pictures can be found. A good starting point if you want to read something that is concise, short and not especially technical in it's wording.

    * Amazing Facts
    The amazing facts featured here are not just geographical. When I last checked they covered topics from 'why clouds float' through to Reindeer antifreeze and 'why the wind blows'.

    * CIA World Fact Book
    Good, but not always accurate reference site giving basic data for the whole world. As is to be expected in such a large task there are occasional errors, but unless you are using the data for something critical like advising governments or the military they wont matter too much. Over all it's an excellent resource.

    * Conversion : Latitude and Longitude into UTM
    This site converts co-ordinates in the form of latitude and longitude into Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM).

    * Conversion : UTM into Latitude and Longitude
    This site converts Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) into latitude and longitude.

    * Countries
    As of 1st March 1998 the USA recognised 190 states. This list identifies the recognised countries and shows whether they are United Nations members and / or have diplomatic relations with the USA

    * Geomagnetic Declination Calculator
    An unusual site, which allows visitors to calculate the geomagnetic declination for any point on the planet. This is a bit specialised for general school use, but if you are after this type of information it's much easier than using paper, pencil and calculator!

    * Global Trends
    There are numerous diagrams and graphs to show data relating to the world population, the environment, health and medical care, economic development and the economy. Unfortunately some of the resources are in Adobe Acrobat format so you will need their .pdf file viewing application. Additionally the .pdf files tend to be much larger downloads than is necessary.

    * Island Information
    An informative collection of information covering islands around the world. Useful facts such as the biggest, smallest, highest and lowest are all provided.

    * Peakware World Mountain Encyclopedia
    This is a good resource for those of you with an interest in mountains around the world. You can find out about mountains and discrete peeks via either the index or the search facility.

    * State Knowledge
    This site will help you to find the basic facts for every USA state. This includes, among other things, the geographical size, population and dates of joining the Union.

    * Superlatives
    It's all here, from the longest river to the largest country - the richest nation to the poorest.

    * Universal Currency Converter
    Discover how many bhat you get to the pound. You can enter any amount of one currency and find it's worth in any other currency.

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