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Agriculture and Farming

These links have been carefully selected and were considered relevant and suitable for school use at the time of checking. Clicking on them will take you to other websites over which we have no control. If you have any doubts or concerns please check what is at the other end before using them in lessons. If you find any broken, re-directed or dead links please let us know.

* Agricultural Atlas of the United States
This is the 1992 edition with over 280 maps of agricultural production within the USA. The maps are clear and of use to anyone wanting to know the distribution of crops, levels of production, size of farms, types of chemicals used etc. A very comprehensive site.

* AgricultureB2B - News
A useful website featuring recent agriculture and environmental news from around the world. Sections cover different aspects of farming, from Ag Chemicals to Vegetable Farming. Very useful resource for keeping up to date with recent events in agriculture.

* Agriculture Fact Book 1997
Comprehensive data source for the USA agricultural industry. This data is produced by the United States Government and covers many aspects of agriculture, from what people eat through to marketing and regulatory programs. A useful site for gathering a wide variety of data.

* Contour Farming
This site explains contour farming, what it is, what it does and gives advice on how to do it. A good introduction for anyone with an interest in this topic.



  • * Crop Rotation
    This site explains crop rotation, what it is, what it does and gives advice on how to do it. A good introduction for anyone with an interest in this topic.

    * Dairy Farming
    A short article with hypertext links to other documents, providing a brief introduction to the Dairy Industry.

    * National Farmer's Union
    The National Farmers Union is the British body representing Farmers. Their site contains farming information, current news items about farming around the world and within the UK. There are also Education, Comments,Bulletin and Links sections.

    * The State of Food and Agriculture
    The State of Food and Agriculture is FAO's annual report on current developments affecting world agriculture. It reviews policy factors underlying recent agricultural performances at the world and regional levels, highlighting the experience of selected countries in each region. It also discusses issues of current or emerging interest, and presents each year an in-depth analysis of a selected topic of importance to world food and agriculture. Not suitable for younger readers.


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