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Useful Resources For Researching Oil And Alternative Energy

Here are a few useful links and ideas to help you research fossil fuels and alternative energy.


Links to really useful sites about Fossil Fuels.

Wikipedia article on fossil fuels

Learning about fossil fuels

Fossils into Fuels (by Schoolscience)

Billions of Barrels of oil discovered in Gulf of Mexico (a news article)

Wikipedia article on Petroleum

The story of Black Gold ( teaching resource and useful notes)

Links to really useful sites about Alternative Energy

Alternative energy inspires new power generation,,1845753,00.html

Wind turbines taking toll on birds of prey

The Case Against Wind'farms'

The UK wind and marine renewable energy site

Wave Power (Wikipedia article)

Solar Power ( Wikipedia article)

Wind and Wave Power (Q and A from BBC News)

Geothermal energy (teaching resource)

Hydro-electric power (teaching resource)

Nuclear energy (teaching resource)




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