Friday, December 15, 2006

End of Term Fun

Ok, so the end of the Christmas term is upon us, and the mind is turning to either 'what shall we do in the last few lessons, or what do I do with the kids at home for a few weeks'...

How about an end of term class quiz with picture questions - points for naming the most features in an image, identifying the image etc, or with younger pupils making Christmas cards with a real geographical theme. You might pick maps of the Holy Land, snowy places, where the reindeer live etc.

At home, there are some excellent wrapping papers and Christmas cards available with seasonal AND geographical themes. Stanfords in London do a great range of wrapping paper featuring Christmas Island!

Or go out with a digital camera, take a few good seasonal snaps with a geographical theme and make your own cards - Holly, snow and frost are all easy targets for your camera... just use your imagination and have a good geographical Christmas!