Monday, December 11, 2006

Cross Curricular Links

Working with other subject areas tends to be a low priority for many teachers who feel that they are quite busy enough with their own topic and curriculum targets. Often this is a great shame as it leaves each subject in a discrete box and fails to show pupils how their different lessons interlock and compliment each other.

In fact, setting up and running a project, or themed set of lessons, isn't that difficult and far from being more effort for every teacher, it can be a real bonus with shared preparation, more enthusiastic pupils and a coherent set of outcomes where everyone benefits.

In the hope of convincing a few wavering teachers, or re-inspiring the tired and overworked, we've added a new page to the Citizenship section of the Geography Site, entitled Making Cross-curricular Links. It looks at some of the benefits of cross curricular activities and offers a simple example of a successful project based on rationing during World War II.

Take a look, and perhaps you too may be inspired to undertake a little cross curricular teaching.