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Key Stage 4

The National Curriculum in the UK divides the work to be undertaken into Key Stages, starting with Key Stage 1 (KS1) covering pupils aged 5 to 7, and ending with Key Stage 4 (KS4) for pupils aged 14 to 16.

Within each Key Stage, work is graded by complexity and the ability needed to complete it. The term used for the different grades is 'Levels'. In Key Stage 4, pupils are expected to be performing between Levels 4 and 10.

To help illustrate this, these are typical activities at the lower and upper Levels of Key Stage 4.

Level 4 (Lower Level)

* Identify parts of a river system including sources, channel, tributaries and mouth.

* Describe how some earth movements are violent, and explain, in simple terms, how volcanic craters, cones and lava flows are formed.

Level 10 (Higher Level)
* Explain which geomorphic processes were significant in the development of an area's landforms; which are still operating; and suggest, with reasoned arguments, the likely effect of those processes in the future.

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