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Volcanoes and Tectonics01 : The Answers

A1 Conservative
A4 Caldera
A7 Fold Mountains
A8 Kobe
A9 Constructive
A12 Earthquake
A14 Batholith
A16 Pyroclastic Cloud
A17 Shield
A18 Alps
A20 Tsunami
A21 Seismograph
A23 Basalt
A25 Destructive
A26 Intrusive
A27 Crater
A28 Vesuvius
D2 Subduction Zone
D3 Pangea
D5 Dykes
D6 Ring Of Fire
D7 Focus
D10 Magma Chamber
D11 Mantle
D13 Composite
D15 Epicenter
D19 P Waves
D22 Extrusive
D24 Richter

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