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Rivers01 : The Answers

A1 Plungepool
A3 Oxbow
A5 Lateral Erosion
A6 Tributary
A8 Rapids
A9 Run Off
A10 Suspension
A11 Cut Off
A12 Slip Off Slope
A14 Levees
A16 Gorge
A17 Artesian Well
A19 Infiltration
A20 Mouth
A22 Knick Point
A23 Peneplain
A25 Coombs
A27 Swallow Hole
A29 Meander
A30 Waterfall
A31 Solution
A32 Dendritic
A34 Gully
A36 Dry Valley
A37 Radial Drainage
A38 Subsequent
A39 Aquifer
D2 Pervious
D4 Bourne
D7 Rejuvination
D9 Riffle
D13 Pothole
D15 Floodplain
D18 River Cliff
D21 Catchment Area
D24 Bedload
D26 Oasis
D27 Spring
D28 Watertable
D31 Source
D33 Porous
D35 Delta

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