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Glaciers01 : The Answers

A1 Roche Moutonee
A3 Till
A5 Striations
A10 Arete
A11 Terminal
A14 U Shape
A15 Pyramidal Peak
A18 Erratic
A20 Esker
A21 Ablation
A24 Corrie
A25 Snout
A26 Boulder Clay
A27 Snowline
A28 Insolation
D2 Outwash Plain
D4 Ice Cap
D6 Tarn
D7 Lateral Moraine
D8 Medial
D9 Bergschrund
D12 Valley Glacier
D13 Cirque
D16 Hanging Valley
D17 Crevasse
D19 Crag And Tail
D22 Drumlin
D23 Plucking

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