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European Capital Cities01 : The Answers

A2 Reykjavik
A3 Moscow
A5 Copenhagen
A6 Helsinki
A9 Oslo
A11 Budapest
A15 Paris
A17 Sarajevo
A18 Valletta
A19 Vaduz
A20 Bucharest
A21 Bern
A22 Vienna
A23 Amsterdam
A24 Brussels
A27 Zagreb
A30 Luxembourg
A32 London
A33 Vatican City
A34 Andorra La Vella
D1 Monaco
D2 Rome
D4 Riga
D7 Ljubljana
D8 Warsaw
D10 Sofia
D12 The Hague
D13 Tallinn
D14 Prague
D16 Ankara
D20 Bratislavia
D25 Stockholm
D26 Lisbon
D28 Athens
D29 Madrid
D31 Berlin

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