Physical Geography

Earth Science

Depositional Landforms


Parent / Teacher Guide


To identify the main depositional landforms produced by glaciation

To explain the formation of the main depositional features produced by glaciation


The student should learn about:

(a) Braided Streams;

(b) Drumlins;

(c) Erratics;

(d) Eskers

(e) Kames and Kettles

(f) Moraine

(g) Outwash Plains

(h) Rock Flour

(i) Till Deposits

(j) Varves


The student should have knowledge and understanding of:

(a) How and why depositional features acquire their characteristic shapes;

(b) The processes that create different features;

(c) The use of landforms to provide evidence of past glaciation;

(d) The ways in which man uses depositional glaciated landscapes.

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