Physical Geography

Earth Science

How Glaciers Erode, And Transport Sediment


Parent / Teacher Guide


To establish the erosional processes at work within a glacial system

To investigate how glaciers transport sediment


The student should learn about:

(a) Freeze Thaw, Abrasion and Plucking;

(b) The processes by which rock debris becomes incorporated into glacial ice;

(c) How glaciers erode their valleys;

(d) Geographical terms to be applied to glacial erosion and transportation


The student should have knowledge and understanding of:

(a) How and why glacial valleys evolve;

(b) The processes that generate glacial sediments;

(c) The nature of glacial sediments in terms of size, shape and angularity;

(d) The ways in which sediment is transported and the differences between the deposits produced.

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