What do you call people who originate from different parts of the United Kingdom?

It is common to give demonyms to people from different parts of the same country, as well as using them to describe people from different countries. This list of demonyms used in the UK is far from complete, so if you know of anymore, please do let us know.

Some of these demonyms may be considered as compliments, whereas others might cause offence if used in the wrong place / way. There is no intention to cause any offence by publishing them here.



Country Demonym
Aberdeen Aberdonian
Belfast Belfaster,Belfastian
Birmingham Brummie
Bristol Bristolian
Cardiff Cardiffer, Cardiffian
Cambridge Cantabrian,Cantab,Tab,Cantabrigian
Cornwall Cornish, Cornishman / woman, Janner
Devon Devonian
Dundee Dundonian
Edinburgh Edinbourgeois, Edinburgher (not nice)
Glasgow Glaswegian, Weegie
Kent Man of Kent
Lancaster Lancastrian
Leeds Loiner
Liverpool Liverpudlian, Scouser, Scouse
London Londoner, Cockney
Manchester Mancunian
Newcastle Novocastrian, Geordie
Newport Newportonian
Nottingham Nottinghamian
Plymouth Plymouthian
Slough Paludian
Sunderland Maccam
Swansea Swansean, Jack
Wrexham Wrexhamite
Yorkshire Yorkshireman, Yorkshirewoman, Tyke,Yorkie




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